Susan Richard Nelson - Throws Her Critics In Jail, Radical Obama Judge

Susan Richard Nelson("Judge Nelson"), a bigot, and current Article III federal judge in Minnesota, won a six (6) billion dollar settlement in 1998 from big tobacco, monies derived from the forced labor of African Americans, which in turn has allowed Judge Nelson to live in fantastic luxury off the financial revenue of slavery over the last twenty three (23) years. In effect, radical Obama Judge Nelson has arguably stolen six (6) billion dollars from African American forced labor. Given her conduct, particularly conduct used to silence and torture critics, enabling their false and wrongful imprisonment over criticism of local attorneys and judges, demonstrates that Judge Nelson is enequivocally evil. Indeed, Susan Richard Nelson is an absolute evil monster. Radical Obama Judge Nelson is a very sick woman.

Throwing Her Critics in Jail (Again)

On January 8, 2021 while President Donald Trump was suspended from Twitter and all conservatives were silenced, radical Obama Judge Nelson blatently violated the First Amendment by granting a bogus show cause motion to gag her critics to completely censor criticism. In November 2020, radical Obama Judge Nelson issued an injunction barring a litigant from publicly criticizing the Court. The order violates the First Amendment in every respect. It is clear that Judge Nelson seeks to silence her critics with authoratarian based edicts form the bench. Specifically, Judge Nelson seeks to rig and censor the public's narrative to silence evidence of her corrupt acts. Judge Nelson is accustomed to abusing her power. Judge Nelson engages collaterally with lawyers - who are her personal friends - in colluding to silence and crush "the little guy". In other words, Judge Nelson violates the constitution and attacks citizens without batting an eye lash. Moreover, Judge Nelson violates her oath of office to defend the constitution in an effort to abuse litigants and their families. Judge Nelson claims to stand up for the "little guy". Instead, she crushes and silences powerless defenseless American citizens. Judge Nelson is a very sick woman.

George Floyd Family Lawsuit

In September 2020, the Star Tribune wrote an unequivocally false puff piece about Susan Richard Nelson overseeing the Floyd Family lawsuit. In 1998, where was Susan Richard Nelson when George Floyd was criminally charged and imprisoned? She was busy filing predatory lawsuits to steal the money churned by black slaves historically stored in the accounts of tobacco companies.

Extorting 6 Billion From African American Forced Labor: Where Did the 6 Billion Go Susan?

Radical Obama Judge Nelson failed to lift a finger for George Floyd or the African American community. She failed to donate substantial sums of money to black charities, historically black colleges, or any African American community endeavor. As an attorney at her previous firm, radical Obama Judge Nelson failed to offfer pro bono representation to the black community. And, as a federal judge, she has failed to hire any meaningful number of black clerks. What happened to the millions of attorney fees collected? Radical Obama Judge Nelson extorts settlement money from forced African American labor.

On the eve of George Floyd, radical Obama judge Susan Richard Nelson issued a sanction against a litigant (related to exposing Minneapolis law enforcement violence). The same litigant -- who had his neck knelt on by the Minneapolis Police -- within his own Hudson, Wisconsin home (through unlawful use of long arm statutes into Wisconsin and later ruled unconstitutional by the Minnesota Supreme Court). Susan Richard Nelson was informed of identical issues with Minneapolis years prior to George Floyd. Susan Richard Nelson did nothing to stop it. Instead, tried to cover it up. Do not believe any of the lies that radical Obama judge Susan Richard Nelson tells you about her advocacy for the black community. With a record like Susan Richard Nelson, can George Floyd's family or the African American community expect justice? Judge Nelson is morally compromised and bought her way to the top by bribing racist United States Senator Amy Klobachar.

Concealing Law Enfocement Misconduct

Between 2017 and 2020, Judge Nelson presided over a case to conceal law enforcement violence. Judge Nelson went so far as to deny the man any discovery. When another man learned of the case and emailed the Court stating that the same thing occured to him, radical Obama Judge Nelson sealed the communication so as to further conceal law enforcement misconduct. And, then quickly issued a bogus permanant injunction preventing the man from exposing law enforcement misconduct. Even worse, the injunction failed to require others from removing their defamatory, false, and obscene material directed at the man, which has ruined his life. Most importantly, proving radical Obama Judge Nelson's extreme bias and prejudice.

Ben Shapiro Free Speech Lawsuit

Radical Obama Judge Nelson dismissed a lawsuit to prevent noted conservative speaker and Harvard trained lawyer, Ben Shapiro, from speaking at the University of Minnesota. The Pioneer Press wrote an article criticizing Judge Nelson's unconstitutional decisions to violate free speech rights. (See Wait, I thought we were supposed to embrace protesters?)

Facilitating Torture

In 2018, Judge Nelson sadistically sat back and watched a litigant be tortured by the State of Minnesota. The State of Minneosta's own supreme court later vacating the case and ruling the statute used to begin the torture unconstitutional under the First Amendment. Judge Nelson did absolutely nothing to report the misconduct, issue a preliminary injunction to enjoin the torture (under Younger bad faith), crticize law enforcement violence, or even apologize. In that case, Judge Nelson even allowed the Minneapolis police department to kneel on the man's neck (within his own home) in a blatent case of innocence. It remains clear that Judge Nelson enjoys watching torture take place in Minnesota and does everything in her power to facilitate. Do not believe the lies that Judge Nelson tells you. In doing so, Judge Nelson facilitated and did nothing as a man was forced to listen to his mother die over the phone as he was physically assaulted and kidnapped. Judge Nelson failed to issue a Younger bad faith exception or injunction to prevent the torture or even criticize the violence. Judge Nelson is evil and a monster.

It says something about a woman who sits by and applauds torture without doing anything. Judge Nelson's actions in indirectly facilitating torture are pathetic, sickening, and disturbing. The very reason that Younger Absention and bad faith exceptions were created (as a legal doctrine) in the aftermath of Younger v. Harris was to provide federal courts the ability to preclude states from torturing its citizens. Instead, Judge Nelson did nothing and enabled the state to torture a litigant. More disturbing, instead of issuing an injunction to enjoin torture, Judge Nelson issues injunctions to prevent public exposure of torture and silence evidence as described above. The idea that radical Obama Judge Nelson is presiding over the George Floyd family lawsuit when she enabled the Minneapolis police and one of its Assistant Attorneys to kneel on a man's neck in a case later vacated as unconstitutional by that state's supreme court is laughable. Judge Nelson's abuse of power is similar to Derek Chauvin. And, now attempts to do the same thing by her direct action. Judge Nelson recently admitted -- through failure to contest or even refute -- that she rigs proceedings on behalf of her friends and fellow lawyers connected through her previous corrupt law firms.

Threatens Litigant with Execution by COVID For Criticizing the Court

Radical Obama Judge Susan Richard Nelson supresses First Amendment speech like a true authoritarian. On November 23, 2020 Judge Nelson issued an order enjoining a litigant from publicly criticizing her or the Court. This mandate is clearly unlawful and unconstitutional.

To make matters worse, Judge Nelson has stated that she will throw the litigant in jail if he publishes or refuses to remove the public criticisms of the Court. As it has been well reported COVID runs rampant in Minnesota jails. In effect, Judge Nelson seeks not only to jail her critics but effectively give them an execution by COVID. Say “NO” to Minnesotan's authoritarian on the bench little “Kim Jong Un” aka Judge Susan Richard Nelson.

Lying Susan

Not only is lying Susan the most racist judge in Minnesota, but lying Susan grants new trials to further insulate her own racist conduct as described above. Lying Susan's propoganda arm of the District Court of Minnesota, the Star Tribune, wrote another puff piece about lying Susan no doubt in an attempt to conceal lying Susan's own racist conduct in stealing billions of dollars from tobacco companies derived from the forced labor of African Americans. (See North Minneapolis man granted new trial after evidence federal juror made racial remarks)

We call on lying Susan and her former firm, Cerisi Conlin, and Michael V. Ciresi to repatriate the billions of dollars they stole, including the millions of churned legal fees, back to the African American community.

Sadly, Judge Nelson has not been investigated by the Eighth Circuit or the United States House and Senate Judiciary Committee.

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